Snufkin (therealsnufkin) wrote,

Living with the Great Bandini

So, now Brisingamen Towers learns how to live with an active blind cat, and believe me, it's a learning experience and a half. Bandit has now stopped clawing frantically at the back door, but now hangs around there if he thinks there is half a chance someone will let him out, or else trots purposefully towards the front door. I'm in two minds as to whether we should let him out. I think his problem is that he is trying to relearn the neighbourhood, and people keep stopping him, though if he's standing in the middle of the road, with traffic swerving to avoid him, they probably have a point (and no vet's bill).

Today, though, he is exploring the rest of the house and has ventured onto the upper floors, growling and purring by turns. He seems to growl when he's not quite clear what's around him, but nonetheless he seems to have a basic mental map of the house and where most things are and is getting around without colliding with things, unless they happen to be cats suddenly stopping still in front of him.

I'm hoping he doesn't decide to dig his way through the cat flap again but feel we must allow him to roam indoors, otherwise we will all be nervous wrecks.

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